Wine by the glass

Red wine
Culemborg Cape Red, South Africa
A medium bodied red blend with soft supple tannins.
Saint Celine, South Africa
A smooth rich natural sweet red blend with ripe berry flavours, clove spice aromas and a rich velvet finish.
Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile
Dark ruby colour, very intense cabernet, full red fruit aroma like blackberry and plums.
Gato Negro Merlot, Chile
Warm, fruity and medium bodied with succulent red berry fruit flavours. Subtle notes of tobacco and spice. Gentle tannins on the palate.
Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile
Ruby red, fruity chocolate, red plums and vanilla aromas. Soft tannins, medium body, harmonic and with an after taste.
Versus Dry Red, South Africa
This is an uncomplicated, fruity red wine with notes of coffee and chocolate.
Versus Sweet Red, South Africa
This is an easy drinking, sweet red blend with delicious berry flavours and a lingering, spicy oak finish.
Namaqua Natural Sweet Red, South Africa
Healthy ruby colour, delightfully
White wine
Saint Anna, South Africa
Deliciously rich and fruity natural sweet white blend with ripe tropical fruit fragrances and flavours.
Culemborg Cape White, South Africa
Light wine with a plentiful array of ripe fruit aromas and flavours with a crisp pleasing finish.
Versus Sweet White, South Africa
Sweet white blend with lots of ripe apple, peach and other fruit flavours for a fresh clean finish.
Versus Dry White, South Africa
Pleasant on the palate with ripe peach, apple and other Muscat fruit flavours, ending in a pure crisp aftertaste.
Namaqua Natural Sweet White, South Africa
Delightfully sweet and lush fruity aroma, with a tropical, almost muscat after taste.
Gato Negro Chardonnay, Chile
Clean pale yellow, intense wine with tropical aromas.
Gato Negro Sauvignon Blanc, Chile
Light and fresh bursting with lychees and guavas flavours.