Tapas menu

Lamb Kebab
Sweet chilli sauce and oregano.
Chicken Wings
Served with home made sweet & spicy sauce.
Crispy Warm Chicken Salad
Grilled boneless chicken thigh on a bed of cucumber salad served with our special spicy sauce.
Chicken Casserole
Chicken, mushroom, carrot, pesto, cherry tomato, broccoli and olive oil.
Beef Fillet Strips & Home Fries
Beef strips with carrot, sweet pepper, onion, soy sauce, chilli, olive oil and garlic.
Beef Skewers & Salad
Beef, sweet pepper, tomato, onion and coriander.
Beef Samosa (4 pieces)
Perfectly spiced beef mince meat, garlic and cumin, served with salad.
Chicken Cashew Nut Salad
A well marinated chicken breast mixed with soft lettuce, cashew nuts and grapes tossed in a honey and mustard sauce.
Chicken Nuggets & Salad
Boneless chicken breast in tempura sauce, served with home fries and cocktail sauce.
Infused with basil leaves, served with olive oil and balsamic.
Authentic chickpea falafel with spicy yoghurt, cabbage and aioli sauce.
Home Fries
Served with tomato sauce and aioli dressing.
Sauté Potatoes
Pan fried potatoes with onions and coriander, served with tomato and aioli sauce.
Crispy Paneer
Paneer cheese, yoghurt, mint leaves and fresh oregano.
Lemon Paneer
Paneer cheese, onion, garlic, lemon, olive oil, coriander, chilli and spices, served with freshly made focaccia.
Vegetable Samosa (4 pieces)
Freshly made with a savoury filling of spiced potatoes, carrots and peas served with salad.
Vegetable Spring Rolls (4 pieces)
Made with fresh garden cabbage, carrots and red onions served with salad.
Tempura Vegetables
Fresh pieces of carrots, aubergine, onion, zucchini, snow peas, french beans and broccoli, dipped in a tempura batter and deep fried.
Potato Wedges
Crisp and tender potato wedges, seasoned with rosemary and butter.