Grilled Chicken Breast
Boneless chicken breast in mushroom sauce served with chips and salad.
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Boneless chicken thigh, sweet chilli sauce, butter, thyme, served with mashed potatoes and salad.
Punjabi Chicken Curry
Boneless chicken breast, red onion, coriander, mixed peppers, served with rice.
Crispy Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken drumsticks, spanish paprika, bread crumbs, sesame seeds, honey and mustard sauce served with chips and salad.
Oven Baked Half Chicken
Spring chicken marinated in spanish paprika, white pepper, red & white cabbage and mayonnaise served with chips / mashed potatoes and salad.
Chicken Burger
Chicken, lettuce, crispy onions, mayonnaise and vegetables served with chips.
Beef Burger
Beef mince meat, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and gherkins served with chips.
Lamb Burger
Lamb mince meat, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and gherkins served with chips.
Pepper Steak Beef fillet
Beef fillet, green pepper, pepper sauce, butter, onion and black pepper served with mashed potatoes / rice and salad.
Steak Pizza
Shredded beef, pomodoro sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and oregano.
Turkish Pizza
Pomodoro sauce, mince meat, pine nuts, tomato and parsley.
Seafood Pizza
Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, prawns, calamari, crushed garlic and oregano.
Lamb Kebab
Grilled minced lamb served with rice, pomodoro sauce and salad.
Mediterranean Fish Fillet
Red snapper in hot chilli sauce, tomato, garlic, lemon juice and pepper served with mashed potatoes / chips.
Whole Tilapia Fish
Tilapia fish, green and red pepper, black pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and soy sauce served with rice / mashed potatoes / chips and salad.
Tapas Club Sandwich
Chicken breast, fried egg, lettuce, soy sauce and red onion served with chips.
Deluxe Beef Sandwich
Shredded beef, fried onions, tomato, lettuce and spices served with chips.
Grilled Half Capon Chicken

Perfectly marinated spring chicken served with kachumbari and fries.
Grilled T-Bone Steak
T-Bone steak marinated in garlic and ginger served with fries and ugali.
Deep fried boneless chicken breast coated in bread crumbs served with pan fried potatoes.
Garlic Prawns
Fried king prawns in butter, garlic, white onions and bullet chillies. Well seasoned with cream and served with fried rice.